About Us

Vision Books is a Danish publishing house dedicated to publishing books with a deeper meaning. Our motto is “Beneficial knowledge” because we aspire to publish books that first and foremost benefit our readers by increasing their knowledge level within specific areas.

Our primary focus is publishing Islamic books that benefit Muslims as well as non-muslims.

Our vision is to contribute to the Danish society through publications, which encourage individuals to reflect on their existence. This subject ought to preoccupy everybody, regardless of gender, age, race or educational background.


Our team has more than 10 years of experience in the publishing industry with knowledge about all parts in the value chain. We know that books are not just superficial entertainment, but rather a source of contemplation and reflection. That is why we are very thorough when selecting our books. An inspiring book may change a person’s life - for the better.

  • We publish books of foreign authors - and handle the translation, proofreading, printing and sale

  • We publish own books

  • We sell through our webshop and through bookstores

Our Releases

A book release takes time and requires focus. We have several books in our pipeline and look forward to launching them, as soon as they are ready. We publish and sell adult books as well as children books - both normal books and audio books.

Our Releases

Ahadith qudsi
Ahadith Sahiha
Tålmodighed og taknemlighed
Hemmeligheder bag et vellykket ægteskab
I Guds selskab
Genvind dit Hjerte
Genvind dit Hjerte
Genvind dit Hjerte
Genvind dit Hjerte
Genvind dit Hjerte

Trusted partners

We collaborate with authors, publishers, printing houses and bookstores - in Denmark and abroad. We place great emphasis on trust and professionalism, which we consider the most vital prerequisites for a good cooperation.

Any requests?

Don't hesitate to contact us, if you want to know more about our services.


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Rosenhøj 37. 2.tv. 2650 Hvidovre